Allison Esley. mixed media resin artist.

Allison Esley is a mixed media abstract artist currently residing in Covington, Louisiana. She is a graduate of Texas A&M University where she studied sociology and business. She has a background in fashion. A love for both fashion and nature are evident in her paintings, primarily driven by color. 

Her abstract paintings are created using a combination of acrylics, inks, pigments, and layers of resin on wood panels. Often, she will also add metal leafing details to draw your eye and create another point of interest. Her paintings are reminiscent of landscapes and formations you would find in nature. 

Allison's abstract agate paintings are created using multiple layers of resin and ink on wood panels. Often, these pieces will have up to 7 layers of resin, which results in the finished piece looking like a slab of glass with agate slices floating within it at different levels. 

You can find her work on display at RFA Decor in Boca Raton, Florida. 

Smaller works are occasionally available on

Email to inquire about custom pieces or current available work. 

ALLISON ESLEY | | Covington, LA

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